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author interview by Trana Mathews

My author interview with Trana Mathews. 😄


Check out her blog and books too 😉


Recently published! 😀 Check out, my fully illustrated children’s book, “A Bearable Day and Other Children’ Tales” by Pupola on 🐻🐥🍀🐿🧜🏿‍♂️🧜🏽🧜🏾‍♀️🐟


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A Bearable Day and Other Children Tales

Recently published! 😀 Check out, my fully illustrated children’s book, “A Bearable Day and Other Children Tales” by Pupola on 🐻🐥🍀🐿🧜🏿‍♂️🧜🏽🧜🏾‍♀️🐟


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coffee horror ;)

Pumpkin Spice Latte Agony

(spooky grammar and scary spelling included ;))

Vackie Renny, a fifteen year-old girl, groaned and slouched staring daggers at her flat backyard from the patio window. She stood there. Just standing a whole ten minutes. There were no grass, trees, bushes, and flower patches just fertilized dirt. A pumpkin patch. Her mother’s pumpkin patch she grew and harvested every year. Mrs. Renny loved pumpkin spice latte to death! She started growing her own organic pumpkins when the coffee caffeine flavored orange squash was invented. Her mother had simple persuasion to her father. No grass mowing. No trees and bushes to prune. Well at least in the front yard. Plus, she would handle the backyard with no help for her extreme pumpkin passion. The thing was, Mrs. Renny kept saying she would make homemade pumpkin spice latte herself every season, but she never did. Her mother just ended up going to the Heavenly Cafe to buy it.

Vackie had nothing against pumpkin spice latte. Her mother would buy it for her too just once in the season since coffee caffeine was still not good for a growing fifteen year-old. Maybe sixteen Vackie vowed not twenty-five even if she still sprouted height-wise that far in age. No, she had to contend with pumpkin pies, pumpkin casseroles, pumpkin pudding, toasted pumpkin seeds, pumpkin cakes, and pumpkin bread loaves. Which, all sounded super yummy cool but!! The overdose! Too much!

While sitting bored and dreading her mother harvesting her ripe pumpkins in the backyard, she decided to boom-doom vid chat her grandmother on her phone.

“Hello my Violent Lightening,” her grandmother’s nickname for her because she was so fast with her emotions, expressions, expectations, and her texting speed.

“Don’t tell my parents, or they will start calling me that too. Vackie. Vackie,” she whispered.

“Want me to sneak you in a caffeinated pumpkin spiced latte?”

Vackie groaned. “No G Mamma.”

“Gamma will do.”

“That was when I was one, G Mamma,” rolling her eyes. “I am going to die eating mom’s pumpkin cooking again. Help!!” she whispered loudly.

“I will be taking half for my witch brew creations,” her ‘G Mamma’ cackled rather loudly. Vackie’s dad raised an eyebrow and smiled hearing the cackle from another part of the room.

“Geez! Keep it down, gamma,” her granddaughter groaned.

“Did you see the blue faced, naked scarecrow in your backyard yet?” Gamma whispered.

“No and why is it naked?” Vackie wondered.

“Okay, it hasn’t left my shed yet. I will sneak over and put it in your backyard when it gets late. Watch for it by midnight and make a wish to it,” Gamma instructed. “That’s what I did when I was a kid. Asked for an impossible wish, but it only works once!” Gamma cut off the boom-doom video chat.

“Wait—! She didn’t tell me why it was a naked scarecrow,” Vackie whimpered.

When all was a slumber (her dad, mom, and her younger sister, Gabbie, and younger brother Bobbie), Vackie snuck out of her bedroom at 11 pm. She saw no naked, blue faced scarecrow in her backyard. Guess, gamma didn’t arrive yet. She went back to her room. Returning at midnight, Vackie checked again. Still empty. ‘Gamma!’ she shouted inwardly. The whole house was quiet. There was a rustle outside. Vackie went back to the patio window. Probably was a squirrel or badger that fell out of a tree in their sleep like how her and her siblings did sometimes at night falling out of their beds.

There it was! Gamma did it! But where was she? Now Vackie knew why the scarecrow was naked! It was just two big sticks tied together with a blue-face painted stuffed cloth head. The stick was roped in the middle like a cross for its arms. It had no other clothing like a buttoned shirt or pants or scarf or hat or gloves. ‘Okay, gamma this better work’, she thought to herself!

“Blue-faced, naked scarecrow make it somehow, anyhow that I don’t have to eat my mom’s pumpkins that she grows in our backyard every year! Please!” Vackie said quietly.

She wished on the blue faced, naked scarecrow each day of the week. Vackie and her gamma were the only ones who could see the scarecrow (from gamma’s boom-doom vid chats). Her family could not see it even though Vackie tried pointing it out several times. It was really magical!


She wondered if it really was full of baloney instead a day later. Mrs. Renny would sometimes chant ‘Harvesting, harvesting, my pumpkins’ while looking at pumpkin recipes online.

“Gamma, are you sure this will work?” Vackie asked her gamma exasperated while on vid chat.

“Just keep wishing on the blue-faced, naked scarecrow.”

“What did you wish for?”

“That your grandpa and I would be married for forever!” Gamma swooned.


“No,” she teased. “I wished to go to Europe with my classmates when I was in sixth grade right after school closed for summer vacation for a week. My parents would never let me go on my own. I was not too young I said, and I was extra good for the entire year too.”

“Wow, how was it?”

“Good. Mostly good.”


“My crush on this boy…forgets his name…He asked my friend out on the trip. I forget her name too. When I got home, the rest of my summer vacation sucked watching my crush and friend going out. Beginning the new school year, I was fresh as a daisy over it! Hahaha!”

“That’s too bad, but you got grandpa. How did you find the blue-faced naked scarecrow?”

“My pet dog. It was a stick doll he found somewhere in the woods. I put it next to my flower patch. The next day it became the scarecrow, and no one else saw it but me. I kept looking at the blue face and was somehow compelled to make a wish on it.”


It was one week and a half into October, and Vackie kept on wishing from that time. The next day, the pumpkin patch was empty, and there were no pumpkins piled up anywhere around her home. The blue-faced naked scarecrow was gone too. “Mom, what happened to all the pumpkins?” Vackie asked incredibly.

“I put them all into the trunk and seats of my car. I am going to take them to the local food bank. I decided I am going to do that with my pumpkin patch every year,” Mrs. Renny explained.

“But..but..I am going to miss your pumpkin pie and pudding, mom,” Vackie said, surprising even herself.

“I can get one from the bakery, my Violent Lightening,” her mother winked at her.

Vackie was totally floored. “I found this in the yard. Isn’t it cute? You can have it,” her mom handed her a stick doll with a small, rubber blue ball for a face. “Gotta run! Make sure Bobbie and Gabbie don’t get into a fight again.” Mrs. Renny left outside to her car.

Vackie looked at the stick doll and frowned. She could use some mint herbal, smoothie tea. It was her turn to pass down the curse…

THE END and Happy Halloween! 😉


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Read some stuff about herb growing in water on the internet. I received some growing scallions in a glass cup from my mom. The roots grew and new green shoots are growing really fast. It’s pretty awesome. I have cut some off already for cooking and in salads. I refill the waterline every other day or so. I bought a potted organic basil plant, and it also sits on my kitchen windowsill. Same with the scallions, I have already cooked and used the leaves and stems in salad. Very nifty. I got organic cilantro and organic red dandelions from the grocery store. I snipped the bottom stems and placed both in 2 glasses of water. Let’s see if any roots grow in a couple of weeks. If not, nothing will be wasted. I can just use the leaves and stems for more salads and cooking. Then next time, I will buy herb plants from little pots at the garden store. Looks really pretty too with the sunlight going through the glass containers. 😊