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Pine and Aqua Hues interview Pupola

Part of Pupola’s 5 Day Visit of Never One’s Characters

Aqua: Hey! Good to see you again.

Me: You too, Aqua. Hi, Pine.

Pine: *raises his hand*

Aqua: *glares at her brother* Moving on. Welcome to the first day Pupola. My
brother, Pine and I will be interviewing her. Burgundy is our older sis. So—

Pine: Tell us a scathing secret. A secret you didn’t even tell your best friend in the whole entire universe!

Aqua: Pine!

Pupola: Uhh…Isn’t that too early to jump into for an interview?

Pupola: So, you two are twins? Is it fraternal or paternal? I always confuse the two.

Pine: Duh, fraternal. Do we look identical as brother or sister? You created us.

Aqua: Yeah.

Pupola: Aqua, you surprisingly agree with your brother.

Aqua: ‘Surprisingly agree’? That belongs in narration.

Pine: Yep.

Pupola: Sorry, my writer bad. What do eleven year olds do for fun?

Pine: Video games. Basketball. Street hockey with the guys.

Aqua: Soccer, go biking. Mall, see movies, text, and sleepovers with my gal friends.
Wait—this is your interview!

Pupola: *shrugs shoulders*

Pine: Well, I guess that’s it. Later, Pupola! *waves and walks off*

Aqua: Pine, wait up! *runs after her brother*



Never One





Pupola was born in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Her mother is Shayla S. Ali and father is Dr. Ashraf Ali. Her first year was spent in Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET) campus in teachers' quarters. She immigrated to USA with her parents when she was two years old. Her parents moved around quite a bit within continental USA. She has been writing since childhood. Pupola completed her Bachelor's degree in Political Science from University of Washington in Seattle. She and her husband lived in Norman, Oklahoma from 2010 to 2014. They now live in Seattle area with their baby boy Ethan. She recently published her YA sci-fi novel, "Never One" and two prior collections of poetry books: "Random Chemicals and Snotty Love Poems" and "A Mindful Wilderness".

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