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Burgundy’s guy friend, Arnold now interviews Pupola

Part of Pupola’s 5 Day Visit of Never One’s Characters

Arnold: So…

Pupola: So…

Arnold: I heard the interview with the Hues twins didn’t go anywhere, so I’m here.

Pupola: Eleven year olds.

Arnold: *laughs* Yeah but I’m a fourteen-year-old. It will go better this time.

Pupola: Here. *hands over a clipboard*

Arnold: *takes and reads the clipboard* Thanks! This will help. I was going to wing it.

Pupola: No trouble at all.

Arnold: Where do you write? A desk and chair or on a couch in the living room or sitting on the grass outside?

Pupola: Desk and chair or recliner. Living room mostly. Sometimes outside. A few times in a parked car.

Arnold: When did you know you wanted to be a writer?

Pupola: Probably in the sixth grade when I started playing with ideas for novels.

Arnold: What hard parts you faced when writing a story?

Pupola: When my characters are in pain or killing off good characters.

Arnold: Did you cry?

Pupola: Yes.

Arnold: What are the fun parts of writing a story?

Pupola: When my characters are having fun or in a climactic moment.

Arnold: Do you think life experiences are more valuable than research for writing?

Pupola: I think both are important. It’s fun when you mix them together like mac & cheese.

Arnold: What helped you with your writing?

Pupola: Not giving up and some coffee or nibbling on something sweet but that’s a secret!

Arnold: What do you think of the ebook movement? Do you think purchasing printed books will be obsolete in the future?

Pupola: I think ebooks are fine. Printed books? Hmm…not anytime soon.

Arnold: Besides writing, what is a fun day for you?

Pupola: A lot of things. Playing with my baby. Going out with my baby. Anything, with my baby.

Arnold: Did you have any pets?

Pupola: Once, some parakeets but had to give them away because of pet allergies.

Arnold: Pepsi or coke?

Pupola: Usually Coke, but I can drink Pepsi too.

Arnold: Finally, what is your favorite color?

Pupola: Now, blue I guess for my baby boy. You added some questions yourself. Sneaky.

Arnold: Hah. That’s it. Bye folks! Thanks for reading. *waves farewell*

Pupola: Thanks Arnold. Stay tuned for Wednesday!



Never One





Pupola was born in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Her mother is Shayla S. Ali and father is Dr. Ashraf Ali. Her first year was spent in Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET) campus in teachers' quarters. She immigrated to USA with her parents when she was two years old. Her parents moved around quite a bit within continental USA. She has been writing since childhood. Pupola completed her Bachelor's degree in Political Science from University of Washington in Seattle. She and her husband lived in Norman, Oklahoma from 2010 to 2014. They now live in Seattle area with their baby boy Ethan. She recently published her YA sci-fi novel, "Never One" and two prior collections of poetry books: "Random Chemicals and Snotty Love Poems" and "A Mindful Wilderness".

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