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Burgundy’s friend, Rosy

Part of Pupola’s 5 Day Visit of Never One’s Characters

Rosy: *reading a book*

Pupola: Hi, Rosy. Thanks for joining me today.

Rosy *no response*

Pupola: Rosy?

Rosy: Huh, when did you get here?

Pupola: I was always here.

Rosy: Oh.

Pupola: No biggie. You were enjoying a book.

Rosy: It’s a series. I read the first book for a school assignment and got hooked. This is the last book! *hopping happily in her seat*

Pupola: Don’t you just love that when things like that happen?

Rosy: Yeah!

Pupola: How would your family describe you?

Rosy: A crazy teen.

Pupola: And your friends?

Rosy: You’re a crazy teen too? Welcome to the club.

Pupola: Aww, that’s soo cute. What do you like to do for summer vacation?

Rosy: Stay up late and sleep late in the morning. Hang out with friends. Sleepovers.
Jump in the water. Run around crazy in my home street, of course not alone.

Pupola: Yeah.

Rosy: *stares and blinks*

Pupola: Okay…what is your favorite color?

Rosy: Pink and tangerine for now. Probably will change to black and mocha soon.

Pupola: Why?

Rosy: Pink and tangerine are slowly fizzing out.

Pupola: What is the wildest thing you have done? Something you haven’t told your parents.

Rosy: Uhh…well..I was dared to wear my old Halloween costume from fifth grade, Medusa. The costume and snake headpiece barely fit and pinched my skin! I had to run around in my neighborhood alone. It was 2 am and a sleepover. My friends stood outside and laughed their heads off. They did keep watch, so I wouldn’t become roadkill by an oncoming car.

Pupola: *laughing* That was nice of them.

Rosy: Yeah. *giggling*

Pupola: I guess, we’ll wrap it up here. I had a few questions left but that’s okay. Thanks Rosy!

Rosy: You too! I’m going to enjoy finishing up my book all cozy in my backyard. See you later. *waves and departs*

Pupola: One day to go!




Never One





Pupola was born in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Her mother is Shayla S. Ali and father is Dr. Ashraf Ali. Her first year was spent in Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET) campus in teachers' quarters. She immigrated to USA with her parents when she was two years old. Her parents moved around quite a bit within continental USA. She has been writing since childhood. Pupola completed her Bachelor's degree in Political Science from University of Washington in Seattle. She and her husband lived in Norman, Oklahoma from 2010 to 2014. They now live in Seattle area with their baby boy Ethan. She recently published her YA sci-fi novel, "Never One" and two prior collections of poetry books: "Random Chemicals and Snotty Love Poems" and "A Mindful Wilderness".

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